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11 Tips To Advertise Aggressively and Efficiently on Google & Facebook During Coronavirus Pandemic

In these uncertain times, many small to mid-sized businesses have found themselves with financial burdens that warrant finding ways to advertise on Google and Facebook in an affordable way. There is, however, some good news for those businesses: people are spending more time than ever online, and now is a better time than ever to advertise your business.

There are multiple ways that you can use to advertise your business during COVID-19 and today we will be discussing a few of those ways. When using these strategies to effectively market your business, you will have a much better chance of reaching your target audience and boosting conversions. Today, Seasand Digital will be highlighting some of the best ways to aggressively and efficiently advertise on Google and Facebook during COVID-19. Let’s get started!

Reaching Your Audience on Google:

As a quick note before we get started with some of the best ways to reach your target audience on Google during COVID-19: it should be considered that, as of writing this post, the profile editing capabilities of Google My Business vary during day-to-day operations. If when implementing any of the strategies we highlight in this post you are unable to proceed, simply skip them and be on the lookout for those capabilities to be restored.

1. Update Your Audience on Google

As a quick note before we get started with some of the best ways to reach your target audience on Google during COVID-19: it should be considered that, as of writing this post, the profile editing capabilities of Google My Business vary during day to day operations. If when implementing any of the strategies we highlight in this post you are unable to proceed, simply skip them and be on the lookout for those capabilities to be restored.

2. Update Your Google My Business Profile

As the free business listing that appears for your business on both Google Local Search results and Google Maps, it is crucial that your Google My Business profile is kept updated during COVID-19. There are a variety of components of your Google My Business profile that you should consider updating during these uncertain times.

With many storefront locations experiencing physical closings, special store hours, and limited travel, more online web users are using search terms like “near me” and “open now” than ever before.  It should be noted that customers are also searching for options such as “delivery” and “online payment options”. For these reasons, it is vital that your Google My Business profile is properly updated to meet these search criteria if capable.

You should be sure to make the following updates to your Google My Business profile specifically in order to ensure the best presence on Google:

  • Be sure to modify your business description to include important COVID-19 specific business offerings if any
  • Verify your store hours
  • Be sure to have a specific business category selected in order to indicate industry-specific attributes including curbside pickup, delivery, and drive-thru for restaurants
  • Create more posts (more on that later).

3. Keep Up With Your Blog Content To Rank On Google

With the Internet being substantially saturated with COVID-19 related content right now, many business owners may believe that it is nearly impossible to show up on the first page of Google search results. That, however, is untrue. The trick here is to target long-tail keywords that your business has a better chance of ranking for. Be sure to include COVID-19 specific keywords to gain the juice that you need to rank. This is your best bet of reaching your customers despite the saturation of COVID-19 related content.

With so many people spending time online right now, it is more important now than ever to keep up with your Google My Business content. Create blog posts related to the pandemic and throw an optimistic twist on your content as well as providing industry-specific informational content. With so many eyes on the Internet right now, you have a great chance of reaching your audience- if you use the right strategies.

4. Create Engaging Google Posts

Similarly to most social media platforms, you can create and publish posts to your Google My Business profile completely for free. With so many businesses concerned about the most affordable ways to market themselves to their target audience right now, this is a powerful (and free) tool for you to use.

It should be noted that while users of social media are scrolling leisurely through content, users on Google are searching for specific content. This can really work in your favor if you know what types of engaging posts you should be creating. Google My Business posts allow you to put your special offers and content right before the eyes of your customers and customers that are ready to engage at that. That’s what makes engaging Google posts one of the best ways to aggressively and efficiently advertise to your target audience during COVID-19.

5. Double-Check Your Negative Keywords During COVID-19

During the current crisis, search data has been slightly skewed. As many people continue to stock up on certain high-need items, it is important that you are paying attention to the needs and demands of your consumer audience. Be sure to take into account any changes in search query trends and take particular note of any terms that aren’t converting- especially if those items are seeing an increase in traffic. It is quite possible that you will find certain search queries that you hadn’t noticed within the previous one or two weeks. Use these negative keywords to effectively optimize your Google Shopping advertising campaigns and Google search campaigns to filter out unwanted traffic.

6. Use Google Analytics Data To Inform Your Ad Campaign Strategies

Web analytics have long been the source of valuable information that marketers can use to increase the reach of their businesses. During these uncertain times, it is crucial that you are paying attention to user data found in Google Analytics to inform your Google Ads campaign strategies.

Google Analytics metrics can give you deep insight into the thoughts of your customers during COVID-19. From the analysis of goal completions and e-commerce transactions to specific pages that drive audience engagement, Google Analytics metrics tell the story of what you should be doing with your Google Ads campaigns to effectively advertise your business during COVID-19.

You can also use how your audience engages with your site to identify the keywords you should be targeting in your campaigns as well as creating custom remarketing lists based on goal completions, pages viewed, and other Google Analytics segments. Google Analytics metrics is a valuable tool that you can use to inform your decisions on how to aggressively and efficiently advertise on Google during COVID-19.

– Reaching Your Audience On Facebook:

Social media is key for building a relationship with your target audience. With the usage of social media platforms increasing exponentially during COVID-19, Facebook is one of the best places to advertise to your consumer base. Here are three strategies that you can use today to reach your target audience on Facebook.

7. Extend Your High-Performing Facebook Ad Campaigns

In a recent warning from Facebook, it was stated that recent staffing changes may incur some delays and errors for advertisers as Facebook increases its reliance on automated systems in order to review new ads and commerce listings. For this reason, when new ads are submitted or edited, it will cause the ad to undergo a new review policy.

In order to effectively reduce disruption to your ad campaigns, it is recommended that you extend the delivery period of your best performing ads. This will ensure that you remain consistent and don’t experience any downtime when working to advertise to your target audience on Facebook.

8. Utilize Facebook Live

More people are spending time watching live videos right now than ever before and this is evidenced by the fact that Facebook Live viewers have increased by nearly 50 percent. For this reason, it is clear that your business needs a presence on Facebook Live- especially if you have yet to use it for advertisement in the past.

So what should you use Facebook Live for? There are a slew of ways that you can use this free marketing feature to reach your target audience. For one, you can take some time to answer your customer’s COVID-19 related questions. You can also go live to give relevant advice or even to lead a quarantine workout- a particularly popular way to use Facebook Live these days.

It’s also important to remember that Facebook Live videos can be saved. Considering the fact that viewership is at an all-time high, this is the best time to run live videos centered around evergreen topics while also speaking to everyone’s interest in COVID-19 related topics. By also doing live videos focused around topics that your business would usually discuss, these videos can be repurposed later by saving them.

9. Stay In Touch With Your Community

Social media provides us with a way to stay in touch with our local communities in ways that no other medium supplies. While there are a slew of COVID-19 related posts on social media platforms like Facebook right now, that doesn’t mean you have to create something of earth-shattering proportions in order to advertise to your target audience.

In fact, a simple, heartfelt post containing nothing but well wishes for your consumers can go a long way in advertising your business. When your consumer base knows that you are a company that genuinely cares for their well-being during these trying times, it can go a long way in building trust and credibility in your brand. Reach out to your community and extend well wishes. Aside from making someone smile, you will be doing the reputation of your business a huge favor through means of free advertisement on Facebook.

10. Do A Giveaway

Everyone loves free stuff, especially during a pandemic where so many resources are scarce. If you are a company that is currently offering deliveries, spice things up by doing a giveaway.

During your giveaway, you could run a promotion that all orders placed within a certain period of time qualify for a free product of some sort- it could even be something as simple as a gift card. You’d be surprised how much a free giveaway can not only effectively advertise your business and increase audience engagement but also boost the spirits of your customers.

11. Use Facebook Lead Ads To Build Your Email Marketing List & Find New Leads

Regardless of whether your business is a local-based business, service-based, or online company, it is likely that you use email marketing to keep your audience engaged. If you have found that your business is slow right now or if your business is currently closed, now is the time to be proactive by using Facebook lead ads to build your email marketing list and find new leads. In fact, now is a great time to shift your focus to collecting new leads and emails in order to promote future sales.

With a Facebook lead ad campaign, you will have the ability to:

  • Create an audience for future remarketing efforts
  • Increase audience interest and engagement with content
  • Increase both leads and signups for your email marketing campaigns

Keep in mind when creating your lead gen form that less is always more. Consumers are much more likely to opt-out of your campaign with the more information you request from them. Keep things short, sweet, and simple by using no more than two fields such as name and email address.

You can also integrate with your CRM provider and set up your welcome newsletter in order to ensure that customers are immediately followed up with content related to that particular advertising campaign.

If you are interested in growing your audience and developing your social reputation on Facebook and various other social media platforms during COVID-19, you need the help of a qualified digital marketing agency. That’s where SeaSand Digital comes in.

At SeaSand Digital, we offer social media services that are proven to increase your reputation on social media platforms. For those that need a little help optimizing their Google Ads campaigns, we also offer high-quality PPC services. Regardless of your need, we are here for you.

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