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Make Your Website Mobile-First Before September 2020!

This is it! Google has announced that all websites should go mobile-first if they want to be indexed by Google search engine before this summer.
Of course, depending on the domain, this change can take some time for any advertisers.
Every advertiser should consider the following steps to switch their website to mobile-first.

How to make the change?

We really advise you to think first if you are ready to make the change. It means that you have to think about why you need to change on your website and when.
So first of all, make sure that you are not in the important period of your activity to avoid any revenue lost. Then analyze how the mobile contributes to your business activity. After that, you will have a better vision of what you will expect if you change your website into mobile-first.

Which tools are useful to measure that?

We also recommend making a responsive design website. In Search Console, there are multiple ways to check for mobile-first indexing. The status is shown on the settings page, as well as in the URL Inspection Tool, when checking a specific URL with regards to its most recent crawling.

When to make the change?

So when I need to make the change? You have to think about the time needed to switch and also when it is the best time to migrate your website. For instance, you can decide to migrate your website during the night when the activity is pretty low than in the rush hour.  

What to expect after the change?

It depends on many factors but we would say that the main benefits are :

– A faster response about the loading page
– A better experience for people on their mobile phone
– An increasing of mobile traffic and potentially mobile conversions
– Better indexing by Googlebot

At SeaSand Digital, we truly believe that before to make a decision all advertisers must consult a Digital marketing agency in order to get more information and make a decision after that.
Our digital marketing agency can give you advice to increase your website engagement and your conversion. Regardless of your need, we are here for you.

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