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Microsoft Just Released A New Tool On Bing To Track COVID-19

Microsoft released an interesting tool to help everyone to be aware of statistics about COVID-19. You can now access this tool on Bing

This tool is very useful because you can directly access to accurate data about the number of cases all around the world, people who are still recovering, etc.

Why To Use This Tool?

At SeaSand Digital, we really think that all our advertisers are really concerned about what’s happening now and how it could impact their business activity.
This is why we want to provide the best tool and smart tool to help you in your daily analysis, benchmarking and decisions.

 How To Use The Tool?

It’s pretty easy to use the tool. You just have to follow the following link:

Then, you can select/filter by country or city you want to check. You can also scroll down to see below all the countries who are impacted by the coronavirus.
What it really interesting to notice is that you can check at the same time the news in real time related to the country filtered.

What Can Advertisers Expect From This Tool?

There are a lots of advantage to use this tool such as :

  • Quickly check data of all countries listed
  • Get the right information on real time
  • To be informed about what is going on in the world
  • To adjust or optimize budget, advertising or partnerships
  • To be especially aware that we all must stay inside our home!

At SeaSand Digital, we truly believe that every advertiser should consider this tool. We are ready to give the best digital advice that we can to help you during this COVID-19. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help to grow your business during these uncertain times!
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