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Real Estate Agents: How To Generate Buyer Leads with Google Ads & Facebook Ads?

Regardless of whether you are a newcomer to the real estate industry trying to build your business for the first time or working to give new life to a decades-old enterprise, you have likely considered some type of paid lead generation for your business.

Usually, as it does with any other agent looking for more qualified prospects, you have to consider – Google, Facebook, or both? Along with learning the right tactics for lead generation for real estate agents, you must figure out which platform will best suit your business. Before diving into the “how” of generating leads, it is time to learn when to use each platform.

Google Ads For Real Estate Leads

Investing in pay-per-click (PPC) ads in both Google and Facebook will result in better returns than ads in realty-specific platforms. However, Google ads for realtors offer some benefits over Facebook.

For example, Google is the world’s largest search engine with over 40K searches conducted per second. There’s no other platform that can compete with this when it comes to sheer numbers. Google is also a platform where buyers are more likely to complete a transaction. These are the buyers that are further down the funnel than those who view ads on different sites – even sites that are dedicated to real estate exclusively. Google is the site people turn to, to make things happen.

Facebook Ads For Real Estate Leads

After reading the above, you may believe Google is the best – but that is not the case. Facebook has 1.5 billion searches per day, which means you have a lot of potential on this site when it comes to creating effective ads.

With Facebook ads, you can use images and video, which makes your ads “come to life” in a way that Google does not. Google offers mostly text ads, but Facebook allows you to be more creative, which may generate more interest and leads.

Another plus of choosing Facebook is that you can target a specific, niche audience. Targeted ads result in more motivated buyers. Also, you can spend less on stronger leads who will convert faster. As a result, Facebook ads for real estate buyers are a smart investment.

Creating Effective & Compelling Ads That Convert

Now that you know the benefits of Google ads and Facebook ads for real estate buyers, you can also see why using them together may pay off. The key is to create effective and compelling ads. Some tips for lead generation for real estate agents with Facebook and Google ads can be found here.

1. Create an Ad Highlighting Something That Helps Buyers

Regardless of where you choose to create your ads, offering information, resources, or another offer is an effective way to generate more interest in your services. Also, make sure your website includes an IDX system so your visitors can search for active listings directly on your website.

Homebuyers turn to the internet for information. After all, buying a home is the biggest investment most people will ever make. It makes sense that someone would do plenty of research to make sure their investment is worthwhile.

Some of the content buyers are searching for that you can highlight in your ad include:

  • Costs related to buying a home
  •  Information about the area where they are looking
  • How to get a mortgage
  • Local schools in the area
  • Recently sold homes
  • Recently listed homes

Each of these topics can be highlighted in your ad, creating compelling content that is more likely to be clicked.

2. A Compelling Landing Page

If you want to generate high-quality, motivated buyer leads for your real estate business; you cannot afford to ignore this tip. When you begin generating traffic from your Google ads or Facebook ads, you need to reroute all the clicks to an optimized landing page to encourage conversions.

Unlike a normal page on your website, a landing page is specifically created to be your sales funnel’s starting point. Your landing page’s goal should be to convey your message clearly and concisely and generate a desired action from the visitor.

To create an effective landing page, be sure to include the following:

  • A clear heading stating what is offered
  • Easy to find CTA button
  • Minimal fields and clear contact information

Suppose you are serious about maximizing your buyer lead generation. In that case, you can utilize retargeting to continue reminding a potential customer of what you offer as they continue to use Google or Facebook.

3. Invest Time and Energy into A/B Testing

Regardless of whether it is for Google or Facebook, each ad you create needs several variations of the landing page. Testing different options will help you see which one is most effective and results in the most conversions.

When you plan to test several versions, go with smaller changes, so it is possible to analyze the data better. With these slight changes, you could see a significant change in interest and conversions. This is why A/B testing is so valuable.

What to Know About Lead Generation for Real Estate Using Google Ads & Facebook Ads

When it comes to lead generation for real estate agents, the steps above should help you get started and begin seeing results. After you have started generating high-quality buyer leads, you should see your campaign recording each lead as a conversion.

Keep in mind, though, that after you generate these leads with compelling paid ads, you have to have a comprehensive plan in place to nurture them until they close. Remember, not everyone is going to be ready to buy right away. You must build trust and create a connection with potential buyers, so they come to you when they are ready to make a move or buy.

Do not try to rush the process. On average, it can take two to six months to achieve a conversion with your ads. Patience and persistence are key if you want to succeed with this method of real estate lead generation. By knowing what to do and what to expect, you are on your way to building a successful real estate business.

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