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In these uncertain times, many small to mid-sized businesses have found themselves with financial burdens that warrant finding ways to advertise on Google and Facebook in an affordable way. There is, however, some good news for those businesses: people are spending more time than ever online, and now is a better time than ever to...
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COVID-19 has changed the way business is done. Out of an abundance of caution, as well as immediate health concerns, businesses have had to put safety measures in place. To reduce the risk of spreading, or getting infected with, the new coronavirus, companies have taken extreme steps that have been slowing down their revenue streams....
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Microsoft released an interesting tool to help everyone to be aware of statistics about COVID-19. You can now access this tool on Bing.  This tool is very useful because you can directly access to accurate data about the number of cases all around the world, people who are still recovering, etc. Why To Use This...
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