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Social Media
iOS 14 update
Most recently, Apple announced its upcoming iOS 14 and how it will drastically alter how we receive and process advertisements on platforms such as Facebook. These significant changes come in the form of data tracking permissions, including a severe iOS 14 impact on Facebook that significantly affects small businesses, marketing agencies, publishers, and app developers...
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Logo of Tiktok on phone
The hottest new social media platform, TikTok, has rapidly made a name for itself on the internet. Fueling countless viral dance trends and lip-sync duets, the simple platform is challenging to get an understanding of for many. However, those who finally give in to the trend find out fast why the app is so effective:...
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Woman checking her social media accounts on her phone
Social media management, while it can seem overwhelming, cannot be overlooked when developing your brand. Its importance and value carry great significance. First, developing an understanding and creating a strategy on how to effectively handle social media and engage in online interactions and customer service is crucial. Evoking customer engagement is key. Social media has...
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